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Soo…MTV is hosting a search/contest for someone to be the “Coke & MTV Insider at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards” and being the go getter that I am, I figured “why not?”

What I’ve copy & pasted below is what I want to submit as my “About Me” portion of the contest, pretty much the one thing they are judging on.*

So, give it a read through and tell me what you think. If there’s anything about “me” that you think I should put in, lemme know!

*Everything in this is true and I really have done.

At Nikki's house to watch the MTV Video Music Awards last year. Yeah, I know, wrong awards show. Oh well.

“The technical stuff first: I have background education in writing & journalism.  I also have experience in blogging. That & I look pretty good on camera…I think.

I can keep my cool in “unexpected” situations, like when a friend & I snuck into the after party for “The Runaways” premier in LA. I chatted with Joan Jett & Kristen Stewart for over an hour, pretty sure they still had no clue who I was at the end of the party. Or the time I rescued Kiowa Gordon from a pack of fangirls. I’m pretty knowledgeable about film, television, & music. I had a great conversation with Quentin Tarantino at the Spike TV 2009 Scream Awards where I was a seat filler. Mr. Tarantino was sitting behind me & we talked about Stan Lee’s brilliance & the difficulties in turning such iconic comics into films.

I’m a fast thinker & can come up with interview questions on the spot. I’m a voracious reader & finish at least a few books each week. I love, LOVE movies, I saw “Avatar” in 3D at least 4 times. “Star Trek,” & “New Moon,” “Up In The Air,” “An Education,” & “Zombieland” were some of my favorites from last year.

Plus, I already live in SoCal so no need to fork over an expensive airline ticket! Heck, I’d even drive myself each day so no hotel either! I think I’d make an excellent Coke & MTV Insider for the 2010 MTV Movie Awards. Don’t you?”

So that’s it, I submitted yesterday evening. Lets hope that the Coke & MTV people lik it enough to pick me!


10 responses to “Nothing at all to do with baking…

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  1. I like it. But I would say that if you win, they should spend that airfare on flying me out to be your “assistant.”

  2. Ha ha i entered that too! Here’s what I put up^-^

    People say that you can’t get very far with small talk…obviously those people have not met me. I have a very magnetic and bright personality. Mix in some witty banter and you have me. I am not easily intimidated, if I want something I go for it. I also am not afraid to laugh at myself! I know I’m a nerd but I have embraced that, besides what’s life without a good laugh anyway? People have always been drawn to me and I feel my natural charisma would be perfect for use as a correspondence at the MTV Movie Awards. You won’t find anyone more passionate or creative when it comes to chatting it up with the celebs about their bodies of work. I make the most out of the time I have with celebrities. I was once locked in a room with Charlie Bewley from New Moon with some friends and we turned it into an impromptu meet and greet/interview. Movies are my thing and to have an opportunity to talk with the people involved in making them would be a dream come true.
    So it seems you need a fan who is calm and cool in front of the camera and can talk easily with the stars in attendance. From where I’m standing I have the personality and confidence to do that job. So I’m looking forward to a chance of a lifetime!

    Hey if by some miracle I beat up out (I know highly unlikely) I’m deff taking u as my guest. God think of how much “trouble” we could cause^-^

  3. I think it sounds good as well. Shows you can handle yourself around the celebs. Cause srsly, I don’t want to watch anyone lose their shit on the carpet.

    One teeny, tiny thing… you misspelled blogging. No biggie. Just hate for them to oust you on a technicality! 😉

    Good luck!!

  4. Maybe you could mention how you can handle the talent, press & fans as demonstrated last year in Westwood, you know, the Kiowa and Alec situation. There were hundreds of people and suddenly you were in charge.
    But then the producers might fear losing their job to you.

  5. I would keep the nibble as you only have 250 words and I think nibbles would get you ahead.

    Id consider rewriting ‘like when a friend & I snuck into the after party for “The Runaways” premier in LA’

    to ‘like when a friend & I talked our way into the after party for ”The Runaways” premier in LA’

    I think it would further demonstrate you being quick witted when the moment calls for it, which is something they would be looking for. just a suggestion – i think it sounds really good.

  6. LOVE THIS!!! Good luck, girl!! =]
    If MTV doesn’t pick you, they are def missing out!!


  7. PERFECT! Good luck.


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