Ohle Emmet turned One!   Leave a comment

Back in March of 2010 my cousin Nancy’s son had his first birthday.

Let's Party!

To celebrate, Nancy and her husband Ethan threw a lovely party for all of their friends and family. A few weeks before the party, Nancy asked me to make Ohle’s smash cake. You know, the little cake that the baby gets to destroy and smear all over his face in utter delight. I leapt at the chance to make his special cake. A separate desert was being made by another friend for the rest of the party guests.

Oh and did I mention that my cousin and her family live in paradise? Well, not really, but close enough. They live on a ranch in Santa Barbara that grows avocados, oranges, and cherimoyas (custard apples.) It is beautiful. VisitĀ http://www.designspongeonline.com/2010/03/sneak-peek-nancy-neil.html to see some photos of where they live. I was lucky enough to live with them them over the summer of 2010. But I digress, back to the cake!

Woo hoo COLORS!!!

I know that my cousin loves bright colors, and simple design. So when coming up with the idea for the cake I wanted to keep it simple and traditional, but also make sure that it was still fun and whimsical. In fact, I got some of my inspiration from one of my favorite cake books “Little Cakes” http://www.amazon.com/Little-Cakes-Whimsical-Bakehouse-Cupcakes/dp/B004AYCX3O from The Whimsical Bakehouse.

I made a 5 inch square vanilla cake, and filled and iced it with vanilla buttercream, something simple for Babys First Cake. And then I went crazy with the colors.

Baby O's 1st Birthday cake, photo credit Nancy Neil

The cakeĀ turned out better than I could have hoped, and was a huge hit. My cousin adored it, and Baby Ohle enjoyed it too. Although he wasn’t really “in” to the smashing part, he mostly just wanted to lick his fingers, and then get down to chase the dogs at the party some more. But what surprised me most, was that people started asking if they could have some of his cake too.  Baby Ohle had only smashed one corner of the cake, so I went ahead and sliced around that. But by the end of the party, even the smashed end had gotten eaten. And that’s what matters most, that the cake was enjoyed, completely.


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